OSULA Annual Awards

The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Los Angeles is proud to recognize Buckeye alumni, friends and fans who give generously of their time, talents and personal or financial resources to Ohio State University, OSULA and/or our Southern California communities.

Recently, OSULA has created a variety of awards to recognize such outstanding contributions and service to our university, club and community, ordinarily recognized at our Annual OSULA Kickoff BBQ every August.

If YOU would like to nominate an outstanding Ohio State alum or someone who has given greatly to the university, club and/or community, please contact OSULA at the following email address:  LAclub@osu.edu.

To date, the following awards have been created, along with their honorees:

OSULA Legend Award

2014 – Archie Griffin

2015 – Rex Kern

Friend of OSULA Award

2014 – Sheldon Pinchuk

2015 – Jeff Logan

OSULA Person of the Year Award

2014 – Barbara Pinchuk