OSULA Announces 2022-23 Scholarship Recipient

Alexander Rosenberg of Westlake Village, Calif. (Westlake HS)

LOS ANGELES – Alexander Rosenberg, a Westlake Village, Calif., native and graduate of Westlake High School, has been selected by The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Los Angeles (OSULA) as its annual scholarship recipient for the 2022-23 academic year. The announcement was made by the club’s scholarship committee chair, OSULA Vice President Ricky Darling.

Open to local Southern California high school graduates, OSULA’s $9,000 scholarship was awarded to Rosenberg for his first year on the main campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

“I first want to start off with a huge thank you for this incredible opportunity because being the recipient of this year’s OSULA scholarship means an incredible amount to me,” confides Rosenberg. “It means that all my hard work and accomplishments during high school have paid off and I have been recognized and rewarded for countless hours spent in study and service. I will continue to work hard throughout college and represent my hometown region, no matter how far away I am.”

Rosenberg is a pre-medicine major at OSU with career goals to be a physician. He graduated from Westlake High with a 4.6 grade point average. He also received the Westminster Scholarship award for volunteering during his high school years at the Westminster Free Clinic in Thousand Oaks, a clinic that serves the working poor with Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Dietary, Mental services through all voluntary activities.

“I really enjoyed my time at the Westminster Free Clinic,” he says, “and I would like to keep that going somehow. Maintaining the connection to a volunteer service coupled with a medical program would be beneficial to both my career and the community. Volunteering and giving back is something I feel is very important.”

In addition to the clinic, Rosenberg played volleyball on a club team, spent several years coaching the USYVL (youth volleyball) teams in Westlake Village, was a member of his high school French, UNICEF, and Physics Clubs and was a volunteer tutor three times a week for social science and physics. He also was a three-time Bronze President’s Award winner as a member of the Boys Team Charity (BTC) that focused on giving back and making a difference in the local community, volunteering side by side with parents to strengthen the community and family. BTC is affiliated with dozens of different philanthropies. With BTC he was able to work with the homeless in Thousand Oaks, people with disabilities, children at summer school, and animals, in addition to helping maintain parks and public buildings.

Thanks to his mother Barbara Bauer and her side of the family, Rosenberg grew up a Buckeye fan. His mom is graduate of Edison High School in Berlin Heights, Ohio, located about 17 miles southeast of the “rollercoaster capital of the world” – Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky.

“Actually, almost all of my extended family is in Ohio,” he reports. “My mother grew up there and all of her family still lives there so I have spent a lot of time there.  I visited Cedar Point a lot as a child and still do whenever I go back there. I had also been around the OSU spirit, and it’s always been really exciting to me.”

While the Rosenberg family has strong roots in the state of Ohio, Alexander’s enrollment in 2022-23 marks the first time anyone in his family has actually attended Ohio State.

“My whole family seems to be thrilled,” he says. “They’re happy that I’m going to school in Ohio because it’s so close to where they live and they love the school and culture.

“When my mom told me a year-and-a-half ago I could possibly go to THE Ohio State, I couldn’t believe it,” he added.  “I just knew I wanted to do whatever I could to try to make it happen. Then, when we researched my major (pre-med) and my counselor suggested one of the schools to look at would be Ohio State, it seemed like it was meant to be.”

While just a freshman and experiencing living 2,300 miles away from home in a Midwestern climate for the first time, Rosenberg already can see the advantages of choosing to attend Ohio State. The university’s 600,000 strong Alumni Association stretches far and wide and is even now helping keep him connected.

“Although Ohio State is in the Midwest, having an alumni organization in my hometown area of Los Angeles is incredibly comforting and the fact that they are supporting me is such an astonishing feeling,” Rosenberg concludes. “This gives me confidence knowing that once I finish my education here, I will have an expansive network of connections across the nation and globe and will always be able to find alumni wherever I go who are family to me. I once again thank OSULA for this wonderful opportunity.”