OSULA announces new Board for 2021-22

The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Los Angeles (OSULA) is pleased to announce its new Board for 2021-22.

The Board roster is as follows:

Executive Committee (L to R):

  • President – Urvi Sutariya 
  • Vice President – Ricky Darling
  • Treasurer – Micah Pycraft 
  • Secretary – Shayla Baker

At-large Board Members (L to R; T to B):

  • Andre Billups (past president)
  • Rodney Cheng
  • Christina Dunbar 
  • Karren Fink
  • Margaret Glaser
  • Scott Goshorn
  • Geoffrey Hickey
  • Jamie Hinde
  • Sarah Johnson
  • Barry Smith
  • Leanne Suter
  • Elyse Swanson

The club also is thrilled to announce the beginning of a new Advisory Board, featuring its first member Bob Banta, who was the Big Ten Club of Southern California’s president in 2005-06 and served on OSULA’s Board as a treasurer and at-large member for 34 years.

Advisory Board:

  • Bob Banta

Our Board looks forward to serving Buckeye alumni, family, fans and friends again this year and we welcome your support and participation, as well as your input and feedback on how we can improve OSULA to best serve your needs.

We encourage you to engage with OSULA on our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

To email the Board directly, please send us correspondence at LAClub@osu.edu.

Thanks to all the LA Buckeyes throughout the Greater Los Angeles area for your past and continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming special event and/or game-watch location this season.

Go Bucks!