Mask Fundraiser For OSULA Scholarship Fund

Alumni Clubs and Societies awarded over $1.3 million in scholarships to almost 700 students from around the world last year.

Purchase a mask and help future and current Buckeyes from the Los Angeles area make an Ohio State degree a reality.

For each mask purchase, $4 will go directly to the OSULA Scholarship Fund. This fundraiser ends 12/31/20.

Please follow the easy steps below to purchase your mask(s) ($12 each) today…just in time for the HO-OH-LIDAYS!!! (they make great gifts!)
1. Open the page
2. Select the design and number of masks you would like to purchase
3. Fill out the contact and billing information
4. Under “I want my gift to support” select “My Alumni Club”
5. Under “My Alumni Club is” select “Los Angeles”
6. Complete the form and click “Give Now”

Thank you for supporting OSULA and our students!