Enter our T-shirt design contest

Hello alumni! We are approaching our annual BBQ event.  At that event, we would like to unveil our latest T-shirt.  Therefore, we are starting our latest t-shirt design contest.

Following the trademark guidelines below, please design an OSULA T-shirt design and submit them to Rebecca Sayre at sayre.rebecca@gmail.com by April 1.  We will unveil the winner at our annual BBQ, where they will be available for sale, and the design winner will receive their T-shirt for free!

Trademark guidelines:
1.      You must have the club’s logo on there. Click on each logo for download.

2.      You are not permitted to use an Ohio State logo outside of the OSULA club logo.
3.      You cannot have the Block O with the Buckeye leaves on the design.
4.      Landmarks or items cannot be protruding from the Block O.
5.      You are only permitted to use 1 Brutus artwork piece. See below.  There is only 1 option and there are no exceptions (but possibly just the Brutus head from this graphic could be approved by Trademark & Licensing after design is finished). 
6.      If you want O-H-I-O on the shirt, you must have dashes between the letters.

Each design will be reviewed by trademark and licensing after selected, pending any changes.

Thank you for your investment in our membership!  We look forward to seeing your contributions!