BUCKEYES GIVE: Month of Service – THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS for Participating in Buckeyes Cleanup of Santa Monica Beach South

Special THANKS to all the SoCal Buckeye alumni, family, friends and fans, who volunteered with The Ohio State Alumni Club of Los Angeles (OSULA) Saturday, April 21, in the Buckeyes Give: Month of Service initiative, giving back to our environment by helping us with a cleanup of Santa Monica Beach South.

You guys ROCK!!!

Check out the full photo album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/134401742@N05/albums/72157668070127138

And a B1G shoutout to Wendel Roth, Tom and Maria Horner of Catalina Island Camps @CatIslandCamps for providing Ohio State Alumni of Los Angeles volunteers with all the supplies needed today to clean up Santa Monica Beach South! Many thanks! @CatIslandCamps

#GoBucks #BuckeyeForLife