OSULA President’s Club Football Tickets Available to Club Members Via Lottery NOW! Buy Tickets HERE! Deadline is July 30, 2016

*Purchase OSULA Football Lottery Tickets online here: https://squareup.com/store/OSULA  —

Greetings Buckeyes!

It is getting to be that time of the year again. While we are in the midst of summer our visions turn to those autumn days, the sound of pigskins being caught, the unwanted whistles of the men in the striped shirts and, of course, “Script Ohio.”

As mandated by a vote of our General Membership in 2014, OSULA is offering its President’s Club Football Tickets to club members again in 2016.


This year the OSULA Football Ticket Lottery will include the following home games at Ohio Stadium:

  • Sept. 3 – Bowling Green
  • Sept. 10 – Tulsa
  • Oct. 1 – Rutgers
  • Oct. 8 – Indiana
  • Oct. 29 – Northwestern
  • Nov. 5 – Nebraska
  • Nov. 26 – Michigan (*Live Auction Only)

*THE GAME (Ohio State-Michigan) has been designated as our annual “Premium Game” and will be auctioned off separately at our exclusive Annual OSULA Kickoff BBQ and General Meeting event at the Calabasas Country Club on Aug. 27, 2016 (6 to 9 p.m.)

More information about this exciting annual event will be coming next week. We promise this will be our Biggest Event Ever! So save the date… Saturday, Aug. 27, 6 p.m. for a night under the stars.


The price for each lottery ticket is $5.00 and there is NO LIMIT to the number of lottery tickets you may purchase for each game. If randomly selected in the lottery as the winner for a particular game, this gives you the opportunity to purchase the tickets to that specific game at face value plus shipping costs.

Purchase by U.S. Mail
You may purchase lottery tickets in one of two ways. You may mail your request via standard U.S. mail to OSULA TICKET LOTTERY, 1049 Havenhurst Dr., Suite 586, Los Angeles (or West Hollywood), CA 90046. If you choose to purchase your lottery tickets in this manner, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with you order. Please state the game (or games) for which you are purchasing lottery tickets, the number of lottery tickets you wish to purchase per game, and include a contact phone number with your order. Your check may be for the total amount of lottery tickets you are ordering, even if it is for multiple games. Checks should be made payable to OSULA, and please write Football Lottery in the memo line on the check.

Purchase Online
In 2016 you also may purchase lottery tickets online through our website on the OSULA Football Ticket Lottery page at the following link — https://squareup.com/store/OSULA — that will allow you to select any of the six games you would like to purchase lottery tickets for.  Once you select the amount of tickets you want to purchase, you will be asked to proceed to “Checkout” where you will be required to fill in your standard contact and credit card/debit card information.

A transaction fee of $2.00 will apply per order for online purchases only. This fee will apply to your total online lottery ticket order; and is not a per ticket or per game fee. Again, there is NO limit to the amount of lottery tickets you may purchase for each game, and NO limit to the number of games you may purchase lottery tickets for.


All OSULA Football Lottery Ticket purchases, via U.S. Mail or the OSULA website, must be received by the Saturday, July 30, 2016 deadline. There are no exceptions to this deadline, and USPS postmark dates will NOT be considered for any entries received after the deadline.

On July 30, the random lottery drawing will take place for each game and you will be contacted should you be the lucky winner of a particular game.


  • You must be a paid member of OSULA. (To join or renew, visit OSULA.org and click the gray “JOIN” button.)
  • If you are a winner of any of the above OSULA Football Ticket Lotteries, full payment for the face value of the game tickets must be made to OSULA by Monday, Aug. 8.
  • You may not – under any circumstances – sell these tickets for above face value to family, friends or any kind of ticket brokerage agency. Doing so would be in violation of your OSULA membership and would result in your immediate removal from our club per guidelines from The Ohio State University Alumni Association (OSUAA).

We hope you will all want to participate in this exciting OSULA Football Ticket Lottery. As you know there is nothing like the experience of “going to The ‘Shoe,” and this year will be more exciting than ever. We are loaded with a potential Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback, a host of new young and hungry players all eager to strut their stuff.  Their competition can and will lead to great things.

If you have not renewed your current membership or if you let it lapse from the previous year, we strongly urge you to do so at once in order that you might participate in this OSULA Football Ticket Lottery and other future Bowl Game ticket offerings. Please be aware that in order to purchase any Bowl Game tickets through OSULA, you must be a member as of Sept. 15, 2016.

By participating in this OSULA Football Ticket Lottery you help to fund all the exciting events that OSULA offers to our membership. Part of this money goes to our Endowment and Scholarship Programs. It also helps OSULA do what it has always done, what your amazing membership has always done… Make A Difference.

See you at the Calabasas Country Club on Aug. 27, 2016, for our Annual OSULA Kickoff BBQ!


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