2015-16 OSULA Scholarship Recipient: Pasadena’s Chris Owen Enjoys Freshman Year in Columbus


Hometown: Pasadena, Calif. (Marshall Fundamental H.S.); Major: Engineering

Christopher Owen, 2015-16 OSULA Scholarship Recipient

Christopher Owen, 2015-16 OSULA Scholarship Recipient

My first year at The Ohio State University was a huge leap forward in my life, and I felt myself changing from a child to a young adult as I learned to live for myself.

I realized that classes were much harder than they were in high school, and I studied much harder to make up for that difference.

I realized that I couldn’t rely on my parents for pocket money anymore, and so I got a part time job at the Ohio Union and realized that I liked working (and having money!).

My first year at OSU gave me a taste of what it was like to be independent in the adult world, and I’m both prepared and excited to return to OSU in the fall and continue my academic career.

Go Bucks!