2014-15 OSULA Scholarship Recipient: McLane Martin of Thousand Oaks Reflects on her “Once-In-A-Lifetime” Freshman Year at The Ohio State University


Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Newbury Park High School) —

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BUCKEYE CAREER KICKOFF — Freshman McLane Martin enjoying The Shoe on the road to cheering Ohio State on to a National Championship!

The one question you will get every time anyone finds out you are from Southern California is: “Why did you come to OHIO??” as I am certain many golden-out-of-staters can attest.

At first, my answer was the same, like a broken record: “I’m here for school, I’m studying Athletic Training. Ohio State is a very good school for my major.”

However, as the months have progressed my answer has new life, because… Why would you NOT come to THE Ohio State University?

You come for the culture, the academics, the city, the never-ending list of involvement opportunities, the majors, really the chance to be a part of the Buckeye Family. There are other great Universities but nothing compares to the sense of pride and loyalty held by the Ohio State’s students, wonderful alumni, and really the entire state of Ohio.

That’s not to say I don’t miss sunny and 75 every day, and driving down the PCH on the weekend, but certainly I feel blessed to have the opportunity to attend this university.  I take every new blizzard, downpour of freezing rain, black ice patch and six-inch snow drop as an adventure. Although, I admit I have called my mother more than once crying over my frozen appendages.

Returning to this idea of the “Pride of the Buckeye,” what is a better embodiment of spirit than attending your first Ohio State football game. Rain, shine or frigid winds, there is no better place to be than cheering on the Buckeyes. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take more than one or two games to pick up on all of the cheers and songs, (whether it’s just because I was so full of Buckeye spirit, or because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself muttering nonsense words or I wanted it to look like I knew what I was doing, is anyone’s guess!)

And how can I not mention The National Championship! What an experience! Singing Carmen Ohio with 56,000 of my closest friends on the Oval will forever be one of my fondest college memories; the sense of community throughout the school was unlike anything I’ve seen. Being a part of, not only the history of the NCAA, but a part of the history of this incredible and passionate school was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

QUICK STUDY -- McLane Martin catches on fast as a freshman regarding the O-H-I-O traditions at THE Ohio State University.

QUICK STUDY — McLane Martin catches on fast as a freshman regarding the O-H-I-O traditions at THE Ohio State.

In addition it has been so much fun to bring this incredible culture and spirit to my family back home. My grandmother spoke with me every game day as my family huddled around the television to support the team, as they “smashed through to victory.” Really and truly, we bleed Scarlet and Gray.

I have been fortunate that I am experiencing a mild winter compared to last year, but I feel I have fallen right into place here at OSU. I am a part of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars, as well as pursuing my Athletic Training major. It keeps me busy, humble and always gaining new experiences.

Living on North Campus has been exciting; getting to see all the new construction going up, although not always when I am trying to sleep in, and hear the sound of cranes and trucks backing up.

Food, as with most college students, has been an adventure for me and my digestive system. Being so far from the Tacos, Sushi and In-N-Out I was raised on by the coast was certainly an adjustment, however I have been pleasantly surprised. My favorite food being the “Chicken Vindaloo Nannwich” at Oxley’s by the Numbers.

I have been learning a great deal about this amazing school and the city of Columbus. Just within my first year, The Ohio State University has already provided so many new and exciting experiences, and I look forward to all that our great school holds for my future.

Go Bucks!

McLane Martin