2014-15 OSULA Scholarship Recipient: Temecula Product Emmett Keith-Jones In Buckeye Honors Program Pursuing Business Administration Degree


Temecula, Calif.  (Chaparral High School) —

The Ohio State experience I have had this school year cannot be contained in one blurb, but I will do my best!  Finding my roommate on Facebook was a great decision and him and I are fantastic friends.

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Emmett Keith-Jones of Temecula, Calif., was Student Body President as a senior at Chaparral High School, as well as All-League MVP in tennis, and a lifetime member of California Scholastic Federation and National Honor Society. He was accepted to the Honors program at tOSU and is working on a degree in business administration with a specialization in finance.

Being from California, I never owned a pair of boots or a real coat. That changed very quickly! As hard as it was to walk to 3 classes a day in the blistering cold, the experience I have here was worth it every time.

Football Saturdays are an experience I believe every human should experience at least once in their lifetime. 

One of the absolute best days of my life was running into the oval with thousands of people right after Ohio State won the national championship.

Coming to Ohio State knowing nobody and now I am joining a fraternity and I can honestly say Ohio State is like a home to me now.

To anybody who is hesitant or still wondering if Ohio State is the right choice, I can first hand say that this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

As big as this school is, you find people just like you and inevitably create yourself a home away from home.

I can’t wait to finish this year strong and be ready for next fall.  Attached is a picture of my close friend Victoria (another California native) during the That Team Up North game.  GO BUCKS!!!

Emmett Keith Jones