ATTENTION SOCAL BUCKEYE FANS – Membership required by September 1 for Bowl Ticket Eligibility From OSULA!

Another exciting Ohio State University football season lies ahead and with it endless possibilities. The chance to be the first-ever Eastern Division Champion of the Big 10, the chance at another trip to the B1G Championship game, and, of course, a chance to be one of the first four teams to qualify for the New NCAA Championship Playoff format.   This year as you know the Rose Bowl will be hosting one of those two events.  We at OSULA have great hopes for our team as all of you do.  With the excitement building it is now time to think about renewing your Membership to OSULA or if you are not a member to becoming one.

While we can’t guarantee anything…chances are if we do make the playoffs OSULA will be offered tickets to such an event.  Especially if our Buckeyes should land a birth in the Rose Bowl.  We would be the home alumni club and always in the past we have been offered tickets for such games.

How do you make sure you can have a chance at those possible Bowl Game tickets from OSULA?   You need to join OSULA.  Only members of OSULA as of Sept. 1, 2014 will be eligible for any Bowl Tickets or National Playoff tickets offered to us by The Ohio State University Alumni Association in Columbus.  As you members might recall.we worked tirelessly last year to offer you those tickets should we have won out.  Unfortunately we did not.  But the point is, we were set and ready to go.  Over 300 requests poured into us for such tickets and we had everything in place ready to serve you our valued members.  So remember, besides viewing sites and fun events, we also offer you a chance to attend very special Bowl Games.

We urge you to join OSULA today so you won’t be left out. Last year we had over 60 emails from people on our mailing list wanting such tickets, saying that they had forgotten to join OSULA or just been too busy. We had to tell each of them the same thing, that our rules would not let them participate in our lottery. We don’t want that to happen to you.

Please go to our web site at and join OSULA today.  Or if you prefer, simply send a check in the amount of $20.00 to  OSULA , 24423 Nan Ct., Diamond Bar, Ca 91765… and mark MEMBERSHIP on the Lower Left Front of your envelope.   This way you will be sure not to miss out on any exciting Bowl Game opportunities.

Stay tuned for some other very exciting news from OSULA.   Your club is on the move.


Scott Snapp, OSULA President