Inaugural OSULA Football Ticket Lottery Open Through August 3

Happy Summer to all of you Southern California Buckeyes!

It is the Ohio State University Alumni Club of Los Angeles’ great pleasure to announce that for this coming football season Three Games (3) will be placed in our Inaugural Football Ticket Lottery of our OSULA President’s Club Tickets.  The Games are as follows:

Sept. 13   Kent State    ( $10.00 per chance with NO LIMIT as to how many chances you are allowed to purchase )

Sept. 27   Cincinnati     ( $10.00 per chance with NO LIMIT as to how many chances you are allowed to purchase )

Nov.  29   Michigan      ( $20.00 per chance with NO LIMIT as to how many chances you are allowed to purchase )

The Drawing for these games will be held at our Annual OSULA Summer Kickoff BBQ/MEETING on Sunday, August 3 at the Calabasas Country Club.  Those of you attending that event will have the chance to purchase additional chances until 7 P.M. of the night of the event.

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS LOTTERY WILL BE EQUALLY DIVIDED BETWEEN THE OSULA  SCHOLARSHIP FUND AND OUR ENDOWMENT FUND.  This is a great opportunity to help future generations of young Buckeyes who for the first time will be attending the amazing university that we all love so much.  So please join us in supporting this worthy cause.


1.     EACH GAME YOU WISH TO PURCHASE LOTTERY CHANCES FOR MUST BE MAILED IN A SEPARATE ENVELOPE (hence if you are going to bid for 2 different games…you would send two separate envelopes with the following information in each envelope.                  

          A.     The Game you wish to purchase chances for.

          B.     The Number of chances you wish to purchase for that game.

          C.      A check made out to OSULA in the amount of the total number of chances that you wish to purchase   ( for example… 5 chances for the Michigan game would equal a check in the amount of $100.00 )

          D.      The envelope should be addressed to  OSULA TICKET LOTTERY, 24423 Nan Ct.  Diamond Bar, CA  91765

          E.      On the front of the envelope in the lower left hand corner please indicate the game for which you are purchasing chances.  (If you purchase 5 chances for a game you will have 5 different tickets put into the drawing, etc.)

          F.      Please include your personal contact information inside…ALL WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED ON MONDAY, AUGUST 4. 2014


Two (2) Tickets in OSULA PRESIDENT’S CLUB SEATS…in Section 14 of A Deck…between the 10 & 0 yard line… Exact seat numbers are not available at this time.  These seat are to the west of the Tunnel in the North West Corner of Ohio Stadium.

Each of the seats has the Special Padded Seats and Seat Backs.

WE URGE ALL OF YOU TO SEND YOUR REQUESTS IN NO LATTER THAN JULY 25.  This is the first time OSULA has ever attempted this kind of lottery.  We hope that all of you will support us in helping to bring these additional benefits to all of our valued OSULA members.  Next year we expect to offer all of our Presidents Club Tickets via a similar lottery.  We on the OSULA Board feel that this is another step in serving your needs and encouraging you to be part of all we do.

Good luck in the OSULA Lottery and Go Bucks!